Property Protection Offer – Corrected

This blog post was shared anonymously on January 25th with two errors which are corrected in this post. Correction #1 – Cumberland County’s lawyer is Vivian Giles; County Waste’s lawyer is LeClair Ryan. Correction #2 – the company originally referenced was Casella, the company information now listed is County Waste (article included to read). 72 Addresses. … Continue reading Property Protection Offer – Corrected

BILL #SB1762 – Time to use your voice!

SB1762 will be presented to committee this Tuesday, January 29th! As a refresher last Friday, January 18th, two bills (#SB1761 and #SB1762*) were submitted. Yesterday, #SB1761 was denied and this Tuesday, #SB1762 will go to the committee for vote to continue to the House. Bill #SB1762 requires a VDOT traffic Study whenever a new landfill is proposed which, if … Continue reading BILL #SB1762 – Time to use your voice!

Sunday’s, January 20th, Community Townhall

Cumberland County Landfill Awareness (CCLA) held their monthly Community Townhall meeting this past Sunday. The meeting was very informative and fun! The CCLA’s Leadership Team shared the latest information, events, Mr. Bishop became an auctioneer and had the crowd laughing and worked up! Mr. Cecil Youngblood opened the meeting with a wonderful prayer before the … Continue reading Sunday’s, January 20th, Community Townhall

January 13th – First Community Towhnall Meeting for 2019!

We love our monthly Community Townhall Meetings! We get to see our neighbors, update everybody about the progress made to put a stop to the proposed mega landfill, educate about the land, historical culture of the community, participate in fundraising, eat some homemade goodies, and more! The first meeting for 2019 is scheduled for January … Continue reading January 13th – First Community Towhnall Meeting for 2019!