Donuts & Yard/Craft Sale!

Krispy Kreme Donuts! Our newest delicious fund raising effort is in full swing!! As you know…it revolves around Krispy Kreme Donuts! YUM! Order you donunts today and pick them up at our May 4th event (listed below). Krispy Kreme orders and money are due to Betty by not later than Tuesday, April 30, 2019.  Send … Continue reading Donuts & Yard/Craft Sale!

Community Townhall Recap, Prayer Group, and Donuts!

March 10th Community Townhall Recap A great turn out during this month’s Community Townhall Meeting. Cumberland County Landfill Awareness is now Cumberland County Landfill ALERT! CCLAlert! Team members reviewed the status of the proposed mega landfill, reviewed local and non-profit partnerships forming, and enjoyed brunswick stew and fellowship following the meeting. A few points covered… … Continue reading Community Townhall Recap, Prayer Group, and Donuts!

Update and Reminder…

  Mark your calendars!!        Sunday’s Community Townhall Meeting    Next Sunday, March 10th is our next Community Townhall Meeting!We have new developments to share in our efforts of putting an end to County Waste’s Greenridge multi-state mega proposed landfill – aka Mega Dump!Feel free to print off the attached flyer to post at local business, hand … Continue reading Update and Reminder…

Property Protection Offer – Corrected

This blog post was shared anonymously on January 25th with two errors which are corrected in this post. Correction #1 – Cumberland County’s lawyer is Vivian Giles; County Waste’s lawyer is LeClair Ryan. Correction #2 – the company originally referenced was Casella, the company information now listed is County Waste (article included to read). 72 Addresses. … Continue reading Property Protection Offer – Corrected

BILL #SB1762 – Time to use your voice!

SB1762 will be presented to committee this Tuesday, January 29th! As a refresher last Friday, January 18th, two bills (#SB1761 and #SB1762*) were submitted. Yesterday, #SB1761 was denied and this Tuesday, #SB1762 will go to the committee for vote to continue to the House. Bill #SB1762 requires a VDOT traffic Study whenever a new landfill is proposed which, if … Continue reading BILL #SB1762 – Time to use your voice!