Happy New Year!

This Sunday’s Community Townhall Meeting…. Several things have occurred since we last met in December 2019, to include the sale of Green Ridge/County Waste to a Canadian company.  This plus other items will be discussed at the meeting based on the information we have available to us.  Please plan to attend and find out the … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Action Needed

“If not you – Who? If not now – When?” The team members of Cumberland County Landfill Alert have been working to push a letter campaign to Senator Kaine and we need your action. 5 minutes and $ .50 will help stop the proposed Multi-State Cumberland County Mega-landfill ! Join the letter-writing campaign and make … Continue reading Action Needed

Upcoming Events…

This is a post to inform and remind you of upcoming happenings between today and November 12, 2019: 1.  Today is November 5, 2019. Election Day!  If you haven’t already done so, please let your voice be heard and get out and vote.  Your voice matters! 2.  November 7, 2019 – Wine Tasting.  This is … Continue reading Upcoming Events…

Weekend Festivities & News

Saturday’s SHINDIG!! We are SO EXCITED about this weekend’s CCLA SHINDIG- Saturday October 12th! It will be a great night of fun with friends and family…a DJ, dancing, kids contest, cake walk, silent auction, BBQ dinner, hotdogs, bake sale, and announcing that raffle winner! This will be our largest fund-raising event of the year! Come … Continue reading Weekend Festivities & News


Another County Resignation… Cumberland County has had three resignations this year – listed below. The most recent – “…District Four Supervisor David Meinhard has resigned from the board.” in a Farmville Herald article which ran yesterday, October 8, 2019 (Link attached and full text at section bottom) October 3rd, 2019 Farmville Herald shared that “Recently … Continue reading News!